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When Response Time Matters

Call 4 Nurse understands that each patient encounter is unique and every patient requires immediate medical advice to overcome, learn more about, or seek clinical advice as soon as possible. Accordingly, Call 4 Nurse’s response time is FAST! Our registered nurses have the expertise in medical triage, in both the clinical and remote setting, which enables them to prioritize calls based on the most urgent medical needs of the patients. Accordingly, our nurses follow standard medical protocols to assess which patients have the most urgent needs and provide nurse advice on the following levels:

  • Emergency Calls
    Are transferred live to the next available RN or called back typically within 5 minutes.
  • Urgent Calls
    Urgent calls are typically responded to within 10 minutes.
  • Non-Urgent Medication Information Calls
    Typical response time is within 30 minutes.

When Reliability Matters

Call 4 Nurse understand that the healthcare continuum is a continually evolving space, and providers are challenges to provide support to their patients – on demand, to stay competitive within their market space and provide for better patient outcomes. Accordingly, Call 4 Nurse provides:

  • Experienced RN’s 24x7x365 to support your practices needs
  • Immediate response times
  • Fully documented encounter reports for transmission in to practice management systems and EMR’s.
  • Live technical and provider support 24x7x365 by qualified call center managers and IT support.
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